You can use this software for your own travel agency

Any domain has always to gain from the technological evolution in conditions where even the smallest details are constantly improved. Thus, even the travel agencies have to gain by simplifying the procedures, and here Travitude intervenes. This is travel agencies software through which several processes are automated, whether we are talking about booking or payment, and here you will be waiting for the best conditions that are worth discovering.

Perhaps one of the biggest pluses is the fact that the procedures are automated, which greatly simplifies the activity, both for tour operators and customers. You can combine several different types of services that can be displayed directly on your own platform, such as booking tickets, a hotel, a transfer or an activity. Everything is done directly from the same interface, much simpler and more convenient, due to the XML and API connections.

Everything works perfectly, quickly and the procedures are automated, which means that any customer who will do a search will have the opportunity to see all the offers in real time, and these come from countless operators. These can be carried out non-stop, regardless of the time of year, even in free time, an occasion with which each agency can have a lot to gain as there is no need to submit specific office work, which in recent years has migrated to online.

Also, the whole process is a much faster one, as it does not take more than a few minutes to perform the search, to choose the desired offers and to make the reservations, while in other contexts the procedures were a bit more complicated. Therefore, customers will have the opportunity to make reservations and finalize them on site, directly on their own platform, without having to access all sources separately. Everything is possible thanks to the API / XML connection that ensures direct connection with countless providers.

It was never so easy to set up your own travel agency, and Travitude certainly made the procedures much easier. In fact, there are only four simple steps that need to be followed, so it all starts with making the initial settings, which does not take more than a few minutes. Further, the suppliers that will be chosen according to the preferences must be configured and different payment methods will be developed. Last but not least, to make it easier to create your own brand, Travitude also offers the possibility to adapt the design of the platform, so that it can be customized to your liking.

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